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Korean box of suplises

I ♥ My Korean Suplise Box of Treats

I have told you before about how much I love post – not the kind that is a bill and is asking for money for things like electricity and telephone bills – but the fun postcard and letters from friends kind. One such exciting letter to get in the postbox is one letting you know […]

Laugh Love

It’s Friday – don’t forget to Laugh and Love

Just a little bit of Friday inspiration. You gotta remember to dream big, love fiercely and laugh loudly! Do something this weekend that makes you so happy you feel giddy. It doesn’t matter what it is –  if it’s taking a long hot bath, going for a run; baking something; phoning an old friend just […]

Crystal Prawn Dumplings

I Make Crystal Prawn Dumplings

I spent a fantastic afternoon with my dear friend Hammie of CatTuna. Hammie is from Taiwan and spends her time between Cape Town and Taiwan. She is a amazing cook who makes some seriously yummy delsih food and each time I’m with her she makes some wonderful combo’s. Once such was an amazing peri peri […]

Chili Peppers

We Go To The Peppers (red hot chili kind)

So yesterday I told you about my birthday dinner and mentioned the fact that the the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing on my actual birthday, how totally radical that they decided to play the concert just for me (and about a gazillion other screaming fans). Sadly Rik couldn’t be there, but I had a […]