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The Parentals

The Parentals From Way Back When …

Yes people your parents were cool. Check out how totally cool mine were. The Wad is the blonde surfer dude in the middle and the wam is the hot little brunette and check out their pimping VW Combi. It seriously doesn’t get better than this. A friend of my dad’s sent this pic through after […]

Defending the Caveman

Festive Friday Goes to Defending the Caveman

I have mentioned before, but I have rad friends. We changed our regular girls dinner club to something called Festive Fridays. What this means is that once a month we organise something fun to do as a group. This also means that partners are invited too, so everyone can have a jol. This month we […]

Nose Flutes!

How To Make A Nose Flute?!

Yes that is correct. Those are nose flutes and yes I made them. Smart hey? First off you are probably wondering why on earth I would make a nost flute, let alone three. Let me explain … Good friends of mine started dating and one night we were watching an episode of The Amazing Race. […]