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Breakfast at Knead Palmyra Junction

I’m beginning to think I should have called this blog EAT, because I find that’s all I’ve been writing about. Crumbs I really do do more than eat, but it seems that festive season has meant the plate doesn’t stop being full and the festive season hasn’t quite ended yet – anyone else with a crazy mental February? Also I have been lucky enough to indulge on some amazeballs food over this period I have to share it (although weeks late). I will say my waistline is not loving me much and I need to do something to rectify that but for now lets just enjoy this little meal.

I met LG at Knead in Palmyra Junction in Claremont one boiling hot morning. Thank goodness she had managed to find a semi shady spot because it was melting material out there! After a quick glance at then menu, after the waitress had asked us about seven times what we wanted and we kept saying “sorry we haven’t even looked yet” and was immediately sold by the corn fritters and smoked salmon. I’m having a slight love affair with corn at the moment – can’t get enough of the stuff, soooooooo yummy delish in all shapes and forms (think muffins, tortillas, on the cob, creamed, steamed and any other which way)! I also felt like a slight caffeine injection (which did leave me bouncing off the walls a bit) and opted for an iced coffee – perfect to try and beat the heat.

I did a little happy dance when my plate arrived! It looked so pretty and I was ready to tuck in (and then remembered I should take a photo of it before I did that). Wow this was one brekkie I will most definitely recommend, the fritters had a tiny chilli kick which was delish and they were also light and fluffy. There was a whack of smoked salmon on top, which meant that I had plenty of it and didn’t need to ration out the bits as I find often happens when you order something with smoked salmon. You definitely don’t need to carefully decide which mouthful needs to include the salmon here, because everyone does! And of course there was cream cheese, a usual accompaniment with smoked salmon breakfast goodness. A little extra treat were the rosa tomato’s and basil pesto on the side.

I dig the vibe at Palmyra, always busy and buzzing with happy people and the prices are reasonable too. They have a super dinner special for early dinners that I am keen to try out, last time I looked it was a R40 meal, what a bargain. Love this little local spot, if you haven’t been make a plan cos it’s well worth it!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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