Rik Makes Us Dinner In Dubai

I have mentioned before that Rik makes sensational food, when we were in Dubai he treated us to some serious yummy delish! Being in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan was an interesting experience … we didn’t really eat out and since we were staying at a friends house it was easy to cook at home (we had plenty of braais)! Anyhow, we wanted to do something for Justin and Vanessa and so we decided cooking them dinner would be a great idea.

Food shopping in Dubai was a pretty radical experience, the fresh fruit and vegetable selection was pretty epic, there was stuff imported from all corners of the world – very cool to see South African fruit very often. The fresh seafood available was superb and this is what Rik based the menu on.

Starters were bacon wrapped scallops on squished peas. Bacon you ask? Yes we were able to get bacon from a shop called Spinnys (like Spar). These scallops were ma-hoosive and in the grand scheme of things really inexpensive, but best of all they were fresh! None of this frozen stuff like we get here … and if and when you can find it. Let me just say that, wowzers, this was an ultra yummy delish start to the evening. It took a bit of time to get the bacon wrapped nicely around the scallops, but it was well worth the effort. Check it out …

Dinner in Dubai

Rik had originally been thinking of doing a lamb dish but when we both eyed the fresh tuna steaks we were sold. Tuna at home isn’t cheap as chips, but in Dubai we got 4 steaks pretty much for what you’d pay for 1 here in a restaurant. And this fish was fresh! Bright pink and glistening! My mouth is salivating just at the thought of it.

So main course was a perfectly seared piece of tuna and by perfectly seared I mean just cooked on the outside and pretty and pink in the middle. The steak was on top perfectly crushed, parsley potatoes. Think butter (my favourite), soft potatoes that had been squished and plenty of garlic and parsley. Oh carbs … how I love thee! And this was topped with some sprouts. To balance off the richness of the fish and potato, Rik made the most scrumptious mango salsa. It was the perfect accompaniment, the acidity and sweetness created the perfect party of flavours. Wow I have now made myself hungry … and all I have in the fridge is bread for toast! LAME! Oh well I will just reminisce with this pic … yum yum yummy delish!

Dinner in DubaiThank you Rik for such an incredible meal! I am one lucky lady xx

PS The night before we had gone to Wild Wadi one of the water parks in the city! Jeepers what an insane amount of fun, some scary as hell water rides, but sheesh it was so much of the fun! And obviously … because we were in the water there are no pics … just trust me … if you can go then go!

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