Dinner With A View

Dinner With A View

Last night I had a fabulous dinner with my friends at the house of Random Mug fame and I felt like I needed to share the radical view that we got to enjoy. The flat has an incredible view of the stadium and apparently it is a perfect spot to listen to concerts! So next time there is someone epic playing at the stadium I know who’s door I’ll be knocking on.

I’m also lucky enough to have equally as fabulous friends, these being old school mates. So there was plenty of laughter and some delish chutney chicken that Nix made. All a bit hilarious seeing as this was served with brown rice and peas and the dish had mushrooms all of which Reen does not eat. Classic dinner time fun with friends who you feel at home with. More nights like that please!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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