We Do Friday Brunch in Dubai

I know I posted this yesterday, but a silly sausage thought it would be fun to add some super spammy links in the background (naughty and well … lame). But to cut a long story short, yesterdays bit of beautiful writing was lost and instead of boring you with more I’ll just leave you with the pics.

Friday brunch …. just do it! We went to Spice Island at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in an area called Deira. Food up the wazoo and some ultra yummy delish. Think fresh prawns and crab, dips and spreads of all delights (my fav was the smoked aubergine one); curries; sushi; dim sum; stir frys (Rik had an incredible dish whipped up by the chef which was lobster and spice and all things yummy delish); mexican tortillas and finally rounded off with beautiful puddings which almost looked too good to eat. But we did anyways.

And now a feast for your eyes …


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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