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It’s A Pizza Night

It was the festive season, that means fabulous friends who live far away often return home for a brief spell and invite you to wonderful food consumption opportunities. This night was no different Pete was down from Germany and I was invited round to make some pizza’s with a few crazy kids.

Of course I was running late – but this meant I missed most of the hard work, all I needed to do was grate the cheese. I thought it was about time the boys did some work (jokes). On a side note we listened to the most radical vinyl collection I have seen in a long time. It has inspired me to get a record player and start collecting records (anyone have some good leads or records they’re willing to donate?!)

But back to the pizza, Pete, Glen and Paul had a whole bunch of fabulous ingredients …. ok maybe not Paul who insists on putting banana on his (vamcano! – I think it’s just a ploy to get more pizza for himself). Anyhoo, Glen also doesn’t eat meat which means we get to try some epic combo’s! Have you ever tried Flaked almonds on a pizza! Oh wow, life changingly delish, what a fabulous little bit of crunch that adds.

There was sooooo much pizza to go around and it was an evening filled with laughter. Wait til I show you the video of Pete and Glen’s train journey! You’ll understand how I was in stitches for most of the night.

So all I can say is – Pete come back! Cape Town misses you (and so do I) x

More piiiiizzzzzaaaaaaaaa
This one got coriander on top! Yipppeeeeeeee


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5 thoughts on “It’s A Pizza Night

  1. Paul says:

    I will have you know, banana is delicious on pizza (vomcano … pish). But yes, it does get a person more pizza, when dealing with people who wish to wish to limit their pizza experience.

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