Bunny Chow Bru

It’s Bunny Chow Bru

So this is more of a Durban thing, so many of my Cape Town friends have never had a bunny chow. Let me tell you folks if you haven’t tried one yet you’re missing out. At a weekend away for BonBon’s birthday in Hangklip she made the entire group (about 20+ of us) dinner and dinner consisted of bunny chow’s. Oh my yummy delish! What it is – is a curry (traditionally a lekker hot Durbs curry, which BonBon made to perfection) and it is served in a hollowed out half loaf of white bread. Ok probably not for those of you concerned with the carbs and such. But you cut a loaf of bread into half (or a third if you don’t eat that much), pull out the inside goodness till you have a shell and then you fill that up with curry and top it off with what ever accompaniments you like – I decided on fresh tomato and onions which had been soaking in some white wine vinegar. This is food you eat with your hands, so prepare to get stuck in there. Break off the sides and use as your utensils and soak up excess sauce and goodness with the inside of the bread you’d pulled out. You will be coming back for more. Such a fun way to serve a meal and a great experience. Give it a try! (ps sorry for the bad pic, snapped it up with my phone … naaaaaat ideal, but better than nothing)


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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