Parentals Have A Hot Dog Roast

I don’t think I mentioned that the Parentals were in the states, Detroit to be exact, for w whole three month! A lot happened in that time and it’s fair to say that they were missed. On their return they had a gazillion stories and as many photos – so the Wam decided to have a little get together with some friends and she organised a hot dog roast! This is something they had in the states on a weekend away! Roasted hot dogs (Vienna sausages) with tomato relish (aka South African tomato smoer) followed by some s’mores! Totally deeeeeeelish. I have never had a braaied vienna – but crumbs you should give it a bash at the next braai, the outside edges get all crispy and kinda caramelised. Yummy yummy! Totally fun way to welcome the parental unit back to the Mother City.


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

One thought on “Parentals Have A Hot Dog Roast

  1. mark says:

    Yip. Detroit was fabulous. But we did miss the braaivleis, sunshine and sunny skies. Saw lots of chevvy’s and Fords. Nice Blog. G8 2B home. The Wad.

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