Simple Sole

Cooking for one isn’t all that easy and often ends up with me going to get a take away or something rather bland. So what a friend and I have decided is to make a more regular (and by regular we’re aiming for once a week) dinner date.

The deal is we alternate cooking and it’s just gotta be something simple. Last week I made potato wedges (remind me to do a post on those, cos they are epic!) and a whole wheat wrap with a veggie burger patty and a whole lotta fresh goodness. It was tasty and pretty darn healthy – considering all the fatty, joyous food I ate over the festive season.

But back to tonight’s meal! Nic made such a delicious meal, that was quick and easy. She had some baby sole from Woolies (frozen unbattered variety) which she quickly fried in a bit of oil and marg (as recommended in the box), some green beans with a very yummy vinegarette (home made), sautéed mushrooms (with rosemary and garlic – heaven I tell you) and some lettuce (which was drizzled with an epic sundried tomato dressing).

I think the pic speaks for itself! Soooooooooo yummy and really simple. Fish is the new beef! Can’t get enough of it!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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