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The BEST Chinese Take Away in Cape Town

Oh me oh my, how I love a good spring roll, combine that with a bit of sweet and sour pork and perhaps some beef chow mein and you have 1x happy camper. My friend Kitty and I have a little treat when we have dinner. Instead of going out to a restaurant or one of us cooking (although I do love it) we get a chinese take away from the greatest spot in Cape Town.

To be honest you might not find this post all that useful because I don’t actually know the name of this place, I only know how to get there … but if you ask any resident of Plumstead I am sure they’ll point you in the right direction. Head down Main Road until you pass Pirates on your right and just before you get to the robots at the Checkers centre turn left into the road before, there are a bunch of random shops – book shop, second hand shop, a bakery and such and you’ll find the take away tucked in the middle.

Kitty always phones in the order and it is standard, 2x veg spring rolls, a portion of sweet and sour pork and a portion of beef chow mein. The food is generally ready in 10 minutes and the lot costs us roughly 60 bucks each. The spring rolls are the best kind – big and crunchy with fresh veggies in the middle and not dripping in oil. The sweet and sour pork comes with either rice or noodles and since we get noodles in the chow mein we opt for the egg fried rice. The portions are huge and the food is absolutely delish! What I like so much about this chinese take away is that the food doesn’t leave you gagging for water after the second bite because it’s so salty. They have the balance perfected, the beef is always tender and the pork simply moreish! Oh and there is more than enough for lunch the next day! Bonus 🙂

Do yourself a favour and go on a mission to find this little spot …. you won’t be sorry! And while you’re there grab me a spring roll please?


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

4 thoughts on “The BEST Chinese Take Away in Cape Town

  1. Stefani says:

    Please ask Kitty what it’s called (assuming she has the name since she has the number) … been years since I’ve had a good sweet & sour pork. Yum!

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