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I ♥ Amy Larter’s Music

Don’t you absolutely love it when you discover that your friends are absolutely INCREDIBLY talented. My friend Amels is just this. She is one times amazeballs musician, she plays the piano, sings and writes her own music. Thats kinda like asking most people to pat head and rub their tummy at the same time. And yes, yes I know a lot of people claim to be able to sing, but Amy Larter is talented. Last night I got to go and hear just how talented she is (and I got to spend a fantastic evening out with my friends).

Love a FB invite (kidding I ignore a lot of the random stuff one is invited to) but when I got the invite to “Gourmet Burger and Local Band Evening with Amy Larter” it was in the diary within seconds. Wooohooo off to Mana Epicure on Kloof Street for a bit of jazzy sounds and yummy delish burgers. The evening was sold out so there was a great vibe of support for Amy. Our table of miscreants were at a long table in the back and I had a great view of the entertainment.

Our burgers were served with a huge glass (read bowl) of wine and I decided on the veggie burger which was delicious. Strips of grilled aubergine and red peppers with a mushroom sauce. Those who had the beef enjoyed that topped with caramalised onion and brie, but I think the winner of the day was the chicken burger served with satay sauce and roasted pineapple. There was most definitely a bit of food envy going on.

Amy had the audience captivated from the first few notes. She sang some of her own original stuff which I absolutely adore. She lulled us into a cool and relaxed atmosphere and we all settled in for the night. Sheesh this chick is talented! I always tease her that I hope she’ll still be my friend when she becomes famous, secretly I know she will be though. If you ever have the opportunity to listen to Ms Amy Larter do yourself a favour and get your ass there. You’ll be loving it. I sure did. Proud of you friend x Check out the Amy Larter Band!

An update (30 July 2012), Amy has just released her first music video! Yipppeeee, check out Remember Me, Amy Larter Band


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

One thought on “I ♥ Amy Larter’s Music

  1. mark says:

    Eat. Play. Luv. Get the message. You can step onto the podium and lift the cup.
    Well done. “If music be the food of luv …. play on”. Wadness.

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