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I may have mentioned this before, but I have some wonderful friends. Lately I’ve been spending time with the most splendid friend Ms Caels Ashley Cooper and she has been schooling me on many things. A good time was had by all, but mostly by us … We’ve got to talking of late and have been thinking about life and stuff and how it’s all about the here and now rather than that shoulda, coulda, woulda stuff. She mailed me today with two things of greatness. Firstly this photograph she took and edited and add the perfect quote from Winnie the Pooh (one of the worlds wisest guys) which is featured in this post … followed swiftly along by one of her favourite quotes from the movie / book ‘The Hours’.

This was all of such epic proportions and something I think everyone should really take to heart that I needed to share this with you. So with her permission enjoy this great image of hers and I need to say to her that that is the truth of our friendship! Always an adventure my friend … And I’ll leave you with this great quote from Clarissa Vaughan in ‘The Hours’:

I remember one morning, getting up at dawn, there was such a sense of possibility. You know, that feeling? And I remember thinking to myself, so this is the beginning of happiness. This is where it starts. And of course there will always be more. Never occurred to me it wasn’t the beginning, it was happiness. It was The Moment. Right then.

And I understood, and suddenly I so wished that when I was much younger someone had taken me by the shoulders, shook me, and told me: “Live every bit of these moments. You are young. When you’re older, these things will define every bit of what you will remember to be happy.”

Now that’s great stuff right there!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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