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I ♥ Random Mugs

First off my apologies to the people in this photograph on this mug, I have no idea who you are … however I suspect you would like to remain anonymous! A good friend just moved into a flat in Green Point and we decided to pay her a visit while she was getting settled in. It is a fully furnished flat and thus produced some absolute gems! This mug being a firm favourite. She swears that this was in the chuck out pile (she had been given permission by the owners to get rid of the clutter). The flat is almost a step back into the 90’s – with those rad double door cream and brown fridge / freezer combo’s and other such beauts.

This mug however was my favourite and I needed to sit down and the floor and compose myself after laughing hysterically when picking it up. Please tell me you remember that craze when it was uber cool to have your gawky teenage face plastered on a mug and given to granny or mom and dad as a birthday present! What were we thinking? Do we really need to cement these awkward years on to ceramics? Thank goodness that is over … and that I never succumbed to this craze. But I am oh so glad that these kids did and that my friends and I were able to share a seriously good giggle. I mean really? REALLY?! Once again apologies for the poor dudes who are actually featured on this mug of glory!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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