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Brad and Janet

Favourite Character From a Musical – A Dress Up

If you don’t know already I am a bit partial to ye olde dress up. I.e I LUV em! And judging from my DVD collection I am a bit nuts about musicals. So when Ms KleeB had her birthday dress up and the theme was “favourite musical character” I almost blew a gasket I was […]

Chili Peppers

We Go To The Peppers (red hot chili kind)

So yesterday I told you about my birthday dinner and mentioned the fact that the the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing on my actual birthday, how totally radical that they decided to play the concert just for me (and about a gazillion other screaming fans). Sadly Rik couldn’t be there, but I had a […]

Birthday Dinner

Best Birthday Dinner Surprise

Ok, so I know I turned 30 months ago, I am practically 31 now, well not really, but still. My reason for posting this so late is because a lot has happened since then and well I am only now clearing the backlog. But back to the tale at hand. So my birthday happened to […]

Mini Molten Lava Pots

I Make Mini Molten Lava Chocolate Pots

Yipppppeeee it was Mother’s Day (aka Wam’s day) this Sunday and I offered to make the pudding. This is something I’d made before, but i had over cooked it slightly last time and so was keen to give it another bash. It is a a Nigella recipe for chocolate pots, the rad kind that are […]

Funky Toes

Funky Toes

When was the last time you went and treated yourself to a bit of pampering? Yes you could stay at home and paint your own nails, but sometimes it’s just really fun to go and have someone else do that for you. Even better book an appointment with a friend (or the Wam) so you […]

Fingerless Gloves

I ♥ My Fingerless Gloves

Winter is going to be a cracker this year, I’m already almost in full arctic gear after suffering from the flu for the last two weeks. Note to self try to pack in loads of vitamin C before the cold hits next year. Anyhoo, I need to share my winter must have. Fingerless gloves! Say […]

Simon and Justine

I ♥ Weddings: Justine and Simon Get Hitched

Now perhaps you remember J&S of nose flute fame? Well it was time for their wedding! Yippeeeee and what a wonderful celebration it was. I had the honour of being one of the chuppah holders, which is a Jewish tradition, you may have seen it before, but just not known what it was called. It’s […]

Lions Head

Lion’s Head Hike

An early morning start was had one sunny Saturday morning and by early I mean crack of dawn stuff, none of this sleeping in late business. However, the end result was well worth it, although the next few days stiff body might indicate that I need to do this more often. We went up Lion’s […]

Epic Veggie Lunch

The Sister Makes an Epic Veggie Lunch

I headed off to my sisters spot for a bite to eat on Sunday. My sis has a slightly restricted diet in that she needs to stay far away from all things gluten and wheat – so gone is anything with flour, i.e. pasta, pastry and and – once you read labels you find out […]

House 1890 Sushi

Sushi at 1890 House

Ok yes so I have not written for ages, apologies, but sometimes life happens and you don’t have time to write. This is the case, lets just move on. Anyhoo, I have been meaning to tell you about one of my favourite spots for a sushi kick, 1890 House in Obs. Thinking about this now […]

Spag Bol

My Version of Spaghetti Bolognaise

One of my all time favourite comfort dishes has to be spaghetti bolognaise – affectionately named spag bol. I think it’s something that I learnt to make years and years ago and have been adding and changing and finding new ways to make the flavour better. I think I made the ultimate version of spag […]

Hake with Basil Dressing

Grilled Hake with Fresh Basil Dressing

Amels and JayJay came round for dinner just before they headed off to Thailand on their big adventure. I decided to make them one of my favourite things – fish! I think hake is totally under rated as a fish, it has a wonderful meaty texture and it takes on so many flavours. You can […]

Pizza with a wrap

Making Pizza with a Wrap

You may have noticed that I really do luuuuuurve pizza, I have written about it a fair amount (probably not as much as I actually eat it tho, teehee). But sometimes you want a pizza that is good and tasty but without the full block of cheese. My friend Haylz showed me this wonderful combo […]

Old school friends

Old School Friends

Isn’t it amazing to think you’ve got friends who you’ve know for more than half your life? We had a wonderful catch up at a dinner at La Boheme followed up with drinks at the Slug and Lettuce on Somerset Road. It’s great to have people in your life that you haven’t seen for months […]

My guitar

I ♥ My Guitar

The Wad has played the guitar for years and years and years and this was always a happy memory growing up. He’d sing songs like ‘Ag Please Daddy’ and some song about being in a lift and ‘going uuuuup’ along with other classics. I played the violin at school (nerd alert) and the Wam played […]

Bistro Sixteen82g

Most Amazing Lunch At Bistro Sixteen82

As I mentioned before Sarah came to visit and we ate and ate and ate. We had the most amazing lunch at Bistro Sixteen82 at Steenberg (one of my fav places to go). We followed this meal up with a girls dinner at La Boheme. Two amazeballs meals in one day! Fat much?! But let […]

Don't eat at Barristers

Don’t Eat at Barristers

It was New Year’s Day – we were hungry, but couldn’t be asked to cook so off we went to have lunch. We thought about it and decided on Barristers – they also offer a rad lunch special, R40 a meal from their pub menu. This sounded perfect. We arrived a few minutes before 12 […]


Dinner at Mario’s

After our lunch at Empire Sarah and I made our way back to the burbs and then headed off into town to Nix’s place where Sarah was staying for a few days. After a good catch up and number of laughs, along with glasses of wine and gorgeous views, we realised our tummy’s were rumbling […]