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Empire Cafe

Lunch at Empire Café

I have told you before that I ate this holiday and eat I did, especially when Sarah came to visit from London! She is one of my oldest friends, we met the day before Sub A and she was down to visit from London for a week. So I put on my stretchy pants and […]

It's New Year

It’s New Year!

It’s new year, everybody’s wishing happy new year! We had such fun this new year! A group of 20 or so of us danced the night away at Kelvin Grove. What an absolute blast, the music was epic and we had a serious amount of fun! Incredibly important to the evening were the glow stick […]

Wafu Celebrations

Bubbly Celebrations at Wafu

The holidays were such fun. Birthday celebrations and wonderful times with friends. Sal organised a great birthday celebration. Since it was holidays she organised a bunch of activities to celebrate her special day with all her friends. It started with a picnic in Kirstenbosch, sundowners at Wafu and dinner at La Boheme. I met up […]

This is me. Me is who I am

And Now I Am 30!

Today is my birthday, I am no longer a 20-something, I’m a 30-something! So many people get freaked out at this stage and have a weird relationship with the age thing. I’m actually rather excited about my new number. If you’d asked me when I turned 30 where I thought I’d be when I was […]


I Make Gammon For Christmas

This Christmas was a very different one and a very special one. We have family friends who I have know all m life. Growing up we used to spend every Sunday with them. It was always a special time and saying goodbye always seemed like a tragedy as if we’d never see them again. So […]

Christmas Decorations

I ♥ My Christmas Decoration

As you know the parental unit went off to the US of A last year for a whopping three months. They did plenty of cool things while they were there. The Wam was even in the Big Apple for the US Open and scored some pretty amazeballs seats to watch Feddy Baby (aka Roger) play […]

Knead Breakfast

Breakfast at Knead Palmyra Junction

I’m beginning to think I should have called this blog EAT, because I find that’s all I’ve been writing about. Crumbs I really do do more than eat, but it seems that festive season has meant the plate doesn’t stop being full and the festive season hasn’t quite ended yet – anyone else with a […]

The Coffee Bloc

A Quick Cuppa at The Coffee Bloc at Buitenverwachting

If you’ve ever been to Buitenverwachting either for their epic wine tasting or for their amazing food at the restaurant you will love another excuse to visit. They now have a really cool Coffee Shop open, which is also where you can get picnic stuff from. But I met friends there while they were buying […]

More Pizza

It’s A Pizza Night

It was the festive season, that means fabulous friends who live far away often return home for a brief spell and invite you to wonderful food consumption opportunities. This night was no different Pete was down from Germany and I was invited round to make some pizza’s with a few crazy kids. Of course I […]

Braai at Geh

Braai at Geh’s Place

Who doesn’t love a good old South African braai? If you don’t there is something wrong with you (jokes its not for everyone). I love that smokey braai smell that permeates from every porous object on your body – think hair, jeans, jerseys and so on. The second part about a braai is that its […]

Amy and Zak

I ♥ Weddings: Amy and Zak Get Hitched

I have mentioned before that I love weddings and it seems to be wedding season for me. I’ve attended a wedding in November, December, January and will be attending ones in both March and April of this year. But these are always such happy occasions, what is more special than watching people you love Tie […]

Herb Box

I ♥ My New Herb Box

Yesterday I came home from work, with about a gazillion things on my mind. I opened my front door and immediately had that feeling like someone had been in my space without me knowing it (isn’t that weird how we can tell?). But my feeling was confirmed when I saw a pair of gloves lying […]

Baby Sole

Simple Sole

Cooking for one isn’t all that easy and often ends up with me going to get a take away or something rather bland. So what a friend and I have decided is to make a more regular (and by regular we’re aiming for once a week) dinner date. The deal is we alternate cooking and […]

D'hot Tot Baby Shower

Baby Shower For D’hot Tot

It’s happening I’m at the age when friends are getting married and others who are already married start to have babies. Gone are the late nights in a smokey club, hello early mornings and watching your language 😉 It’s all rather exciting and I was really exciting to host a baby shower for my lovely […]

Pork Chop

Now That’s A Pork Chop

I love having Rik home from Bots, for many many reasons but one is because he makes ridiculously good food. I definitely pick up a pound or twelve when he’s here, but it is so worth it. This night he made the most scrumdiddlyumptious pork chop, mash and coleslaw. I don’t know about you, but […]

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga – What A Show!

Sheesh, the Lady Gaga concert in Cape Town snuck up on me like a ghost in a haunted house. I was so excited when I bought the tickets (months earlier) and then kind of forgot it was happening, life got busy and chaotic and all of a sudden it was the day of the concert. […]

Luv Zara

I ♥ Zara

Oh my goodness totally addicted to Zara. They’ve recently opened at the V&A Waterfront and I spent ages browsing through their store. I was pleasantly surprised by their awesome selection of clothing which isn’t all that expensive. What I really dig are their “basics” items – the quality is rad and I got some great […]

Now that's a Fillet

Now That’s What You Call A Fillet

Kitty and Paul had just moved into their new spot – which is totally awesome and Mieka (the pooch) is loving life with the garden. What better way to celebrate moving into a new place (which is tiring and stressful) than a perfect day and a braai. And what was to be on the braai, […]