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Pizza Oven

The BEST Homemade Pizza in Cape Town

It’s been forever since I have written and I have so much to share, mostly it revolves around all of the delicious food I have been enjoying. Cape Town has so much to offer in amazing restaurants, but this means that sometimes the homemade stuff isn’t given the lime light it deserves. I enjoyed 1x […]

La Boheme

Dinner at La Boheme

The Rikster arrived home form KZN for a brief holiday and I decided it was time to take him to one of my favourite spots for dinner in the city. La Boheme in Sea Point. Now if you haven’t been here before you are seeeeeriously missing out. But fair warning you’ll probably need to book, […]

Hot Dog Roast

Parentals Have A Hot Dog Roast

I don’t think I mentioned that the Parentals were in the states, Detroit to be exact, for w whole three month! A lot happened in that time and it’s fair to say that they were missed. On their return they had a gazillion stories and as many photos – so the Wam decided to have […]

No. 1 Special with Avo

The BEST Pizza in Cape Town – Borusso’s Kenilworth

OOOOOOHHHHH my goodness! If you haven’t been to Borusso’s in Kenilworth, Cape Town you are missing out on a taste sensation, not to mention one of the coolest restaurants in the burbs. Borusso’s makes the BEST pizza in town as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure if it’s because of the awesome and generous […]


I Make My Version of Primi Piatti’s Recco Con Pollo Pasta

When Reen and Mo come to visit they often request this pasta. Now if you’ve been to a Primi Piatti and not had the Recco pasta you are missing out! I absolutely love the flavour combo of this, which is a tomato base with curry flavour and rounded off with cream. Normally I just have […]


Bouillabaisse At Pastis

Last week I met friends for dinner at Pastis in Constantia. I haven’t been here for ages! I used to go there often with friends who lived up the road (at “The Venue” as we called their spot), however since they moved out of there I haven’t been. Since two of us were coming from […]

Beef Tataki

An Awesome Beef Tataki

Oh my goodness! This was one times tres fabulous dinner! Off to Ms KleeB’s flat with some of my most favourite peeps and oh boy were we in for a treat. Beef Tataki and good enough to be served in a restaurant. We enjoyed a super starter selection with guacamole, stuffed olives and asparagus – […]

Rock n Roll Dress Up

Rock ‘n Roll – A Dress Up

There are two things I love in this world (ok there are totally more than two things I love), but two really cool things are birthdays and a dress up. And even better when they are combined! Yippeeeeeee! So of course I was excited about the Rock ‘n Roll themed birthday a few weekends ago. […]

Green Salad

I Make My Version Of A Green Salad

I may have mentioned before that I am not the biggest fan of lettuce. There really are only certain types that I enjoy eating, mostly I just eat lettuce because I know it’s good for me. However I really do prefer the less is more approach when making a salad. With the warmer weather I […]

Mediterranean Salad

I Make A Mediterranean Salad (and chicken schnitzel)

I really enjoy the summer months, although I fry in the sun I function better when it’s warmer. When it is cold I freeze! And although I prefer cooking hearty winter dishes I am warming up (har har har) to cooking summer salad type things when it’s hot. Cape Town has finally allowed summer to […]

Lauren and Vaughan Wedding

I ♥ Weddings – Lauren and Vaughan Get Hitched

I adore weddings, they are such a special day in friends lives. When two become one. Lovely, lovely, lovely! This weekend we headed to Franschhoek on the most gorgeous day to celebrate the day when two very special people joined their lives together. Lauren and Vaughan. You could not imagine another couple who is more […]


Happy Halloween – A Dress Up

We all know I love a dress up, but this one caught me slightly unprepared. Nonetheless I had a jol and it was such a lot of fun. The theme – Halloween. I decided to use the white angel wings already in my dress up cupboard and find some devil horns and go as some […]

Rewind Festival

80’s Rewind Festival – What a jol

I got such a surprise when my friend Lisa said she had a spare ticket for the 80’s Rewind Festival and of course I was there like a bear. She couldn’t think of anyone who would enjoy the show better than me (yikes what does that say about me – kidding!). And of course this […]

Baxter Theatre

I ♥ The Baxter Theatre

There are few spaces in Cape Town that hold as many memories as the Baxter Theatre. This is a space that I have performed in, watched some amazing productions and spent many many hours of my life in. I am a theatre nut and I love all things on stage (ok that may be an […]

Meat Free Monday Gnocchi

Meat Free Monday – Gnocchi

Gnocchi? On a Monday? As you do – YES! Lucky me getting gnochhi on a Monday and it was meat free. Not that I am hard and fast on the meat free Monday idea I do like to eat veggies only on occasion and what better way to do it. I always thought gnochhi was […]

Fish Cakes

I Make Fish Cakes

Everyone knows about the end of the month salticrax meal. I’ve got something which is easy on the budget, quick to make and super yummy delish. This is something else from the Wam’s repertoire and I remember when she needed to feed a lot of people on a small budget this was something we used. […]

Cheese Puffs

I Make Cheese Puffs

One of my favourite things growing up was when the Wam would make cheese puffs. Something relatively simple to make but absolutely moreish. I could eat the entire tray of puffs myself in about 3 minutes flat. They are light and fluffy and have the perfect burst of cheese in each bite. Totally addictive and […]

Ready, set, go

Could You Eat A 1kg Steak?

One of my favourite places for a steak is the Rondebosch Hussar Grill. I have been going there for years, I remember when I was a kid and would go with my parents and have a steak roll (this was before I discovered the joys of a rare steak). Now I go with my friends […]