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Dinner Party

Dinner Party Time

As you may know I love food, I love friends and I love the combination of the two. We decided to throw a dinner party with 3 courses of goodness. I was responsible for the pudding, which was a chocolate pot – but I made them in a muffin tin which was a splendid way […]

New Bathroom

I Renovate My Bathroom

A year ago I made the plunge and bought a flat. It made financial sense and I was lucky enough to be in the position to do this as well as finding a totally radical spot that stretched my budget slightly but was well worth it! I was really happy with the flat, it was […]

Letters Lingerie

I ♥ Lingerie Letters

This is such a fantastic concept (well I think it is), I have mentioned before that I really enjoy getting post (that isn’t a bill) and what better than receiving a brand new pair of knickers everymonth?! This is where Lingerie Letters comes into the mix. What you do is pay a subscription, I signed […]

Bier Fest

We Have Fun at Bierfest

Many of these posts are WAY overdue – but things have been busy, life happens and time flies – you know the drill. A while ago we went to the Bierfest that t0ok place at the Newlands Brewrey. The festival takes place over 3 days and has afternoon and evening sittings. We got a huge […]

Operation Shoebox

I ♥ Operation Shoebox

I have been wanting to do this every year, but of course I miss the boat! This year with the help of Festive Friday I managed to sign up to make Christmas a little more special for 2 kids. If you haven’t heard of the awesome Operation Shoebox that happens in the Western Cape then […]


I’ve Got A Lover-ly Bunch Of Coconuts …

I think this one is pretty self explanatory … BUT … got this awesome present from J after her and S returned from a rad trip to NZ and Fiji. How much fun are these? I mean they should actually be a standard in anyone’s dress up wardrobe. Now just need to organise a themed […]

A Bakkie Load of Fun

Fun In A Bakkie

It was the middle of winter, a friends birthday and a weekend away. What a laugh we had – and plenty food and drink was consumed. Some of the most fun was had when we went wine tasting and enjoyed a trip in the back of the bakkie while the boys sat in the luxurious […]


I Make Prawns (with a little help from a friend)

You may remember I posted about my friend Reen’s Delish Prawns a while ago, well I have been bugging her for ages to show me how to make them – although she swears there is no “recipe” as such she just throws it all into a pot with a little bit of love and out […]

Hudson's The Ranch Burger

Burgers at Hudson’s Claremont

A while ago I met some friends for dinner at Hudson’s in Claremont. They call themselves “The Burger Joint” and when you eat a burger its clear they know what they’re doing. Some advice if you are dining at the Claremont spot avoid sitting anywhere near the sliding door – avoid at all costs, otherwise […]


Happiness Found in Hangklip

I simply had to share this amazeballs view I woke up to in Hangklip on BonBon’s birthday weekend. Even though I was dying a slow death from the evil flu that lasted for weeks I still made my way through to Hangklip (near Bettys Bay) to celebrate with my friends. We stayed in a fantastic […]

Sea Point Sunset

Beautiful Sea Point Sunset

My sister was house sitting in Sea Point recently and had me round for dinner, she did make a yummy delish creamed spinach vibe which I will need to try myself! However she had one times incredible view from the flat and the sunset that evening was absolutely splendid. The icy cold weather meant that […]

Woodlands Pizza

Birthday Dinner at Woodlands

One of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town has to be Woodlands in Deer Park. I joined a very special friend there for her birthday. Oh boy oh boy does Woodlands never disappoint. They make the most incredible wood fired pizza’s, one of my favourite being their lamb pizza which is served with dollops of […]

Bunny Chow Bru

It’s Bunny Chow Bru

So this is more of a Durban thing, so many of my Cape Town friends have never had a bunny chow. Let me tell you folks if you haven’t tried one yet you’re missing out. At a weekend away for BonBon’s birthday in Hangklip she made the entire group (about 20+ of us) dinner and […]

Meat Free Monday Risotto

Meat Free Monday – Risotto

I think food always tastes better when someone else cooks it for you and I’m not thinking restaurants – that is an entirely different dining experience. But when someone cooks something for you they put love and goodness into it that somehow make the food taste better. Even more rad when it’s cooked for you […]

Kudu Burger

A Venison Burger at Bay Harbour Market

YUM! That is all I can say about this absolutely more-ish burger that I had at the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay. We met up with friends at this funky market where it is difficult to get a table, so you become a bit like a lion and pounce when the time is right. […]

Fine - weeeeeep

My First Speeding Fine – WEEP

This is totally uncool! I am almost 30 and yes I might have a bucket list of things to do before I am (ok not really …) but getting a speeding fine sure wasn’t one of them. I’ve happily skimmed through my 11 and a bit years of driving without ever getting a speeding fine. […]

Knysna Fail

Knysna Fail …

Sorry for the radio silence … life has been a bit topsy turvy, but I’m back.This post has taken me forever to write, because I think I’m only now coming to grips with the weekend that was Knysna. Let be begin by telling you a little bit about Knysna. So remember when I told you […]

Short & Sweet

I ♥ Short & Sweet

Ok I might be completely biased, because this is the brain child of my sister. But Short & Sweet is a weekly short film experience which you have 3 weeks left to get to.  Every Tuesday night til 4 September 2012 at the Old German Club, now known as the Wunderbar Theatre which is just […]