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Winter Wine Festival

A Winter Wine Festival

We went to the Winter Wine Festival at Simons and had an absolute blast. What’s better than friends, laughs and a bit of the Cape’s finest wine? Not a whole lot mate. The weather wasn’t ideal it was freezing (but yes Cape Town has been unusually ice block like this winter), but hey the vibe […]

KleeB Dins

A Healthy Dins

A few weeks ago I spent a VERY chilled Friday night with one of my besties, we were both in need of a serious chill out sesh. This crazy cold CPT weather is also not conducive to going out and being sociable. Off I went to Ms KleeB’s place and she made an epic dinner, […]

The Parentals

The Parentals From Way Back When …

Yes people your parents were cool. Check out how totally cool mine were. The Wad is the blonde surfer dude in the middle and the wam is the hot little brunette and check out their pimping VW Combi. It seriously doesn’t get better than this. A friend of my dad’s sent this pic through after […]

Amy Later

I ♥ Amy Larter’s Music

Don’t you absolutely love it when you discover that your friends are absolutely INCREDIBLY talented. My friend Amels is just this. She is one times amazeballs musician, she plays the piano, sings and writes her own music. Thats kinda like asking most people to pat head and rub their tummy at the same time. And […]

Corn Muffins

Quick, Tasty Corn Muffins

Yippeeeee I finally got round to buying myself a muffin pan. Baking can start and what better time – it is winter after all! A friend, Tam made these superbly yummy delish corn muffin vibes more than a year ago and I have been planning on making them ever since. Last night I did and […]


I ♥ Deep Tissue Massage

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? I sure do, a day at the spa, having my nails done and so on and so forth. My favourite of these is a good back massage, but these are few and far between. If you work in an office job or sit behind a computer all day you’re […]


Attacked By A Helicopter

I now know what it must be like to have grown up with brothers. My cousin from JHB came to visit, he’s been down a number of times since Feb, but chose to stay for a weeked (pity he picked one with the worst weather). He and my mom went shopping yesterday and he came […]

Cape Town is Wet

Cape Town is WET!

Winter is certainly here. Make no mistake about it, we have had an extremely cold week (I have taken my hot water bottle to work on a daily basis) and it feels like you’re breathing in ice when you get home at night. This only meant one thing, we were headed for a bit of […]

Sunday Roast at the rents

Sunday Roast At The Parentals

It was a tough ask leaving my toasty warm flat, braving the cold for lunch at the parentals (aka the Wam and the Wad), but my cousin was in town from JHB and when the Wam told me she’d be making roast beef I was sold. The drive there was slightly scary, Cape Town winter […]

Defending the Caveman

Festive Friday Goes to Defending the Caveman

I have mentioned before, but I have rad friends. We changed our regular girls dinner club to something called Festive Fridays. What this means is that once a month we organise something fun to do as a group. This also means that partners are invited too, so everyone can have a jol. This month we […]

Beef Oyster Stir Fry

Yummy Delish Stir Fry Beef With Oyster Sauce

One of my favourite things to do is shop online, another favourites is cooking and what’s better than a bargain? So when you combine all three you have 1x happy me! I’ve been looking for a wok for ages, but one that isn’t over priced and comes with a lid. So when I got the […]

Adventures of teh fake poop

The Adventures of the Fake Poop

Oh so this might fuel your thoughts that I am slightly cooked … But it was too funny not to share. And who doesn’t enjoy a fake poop story? On the day the Random Mug was discovered another little gem – this was a lump of fake poop. Most of you are probably saying akward […]

Dinner With A View

Dinner With A View

Last night I had a fabulous dinner with my friends at the house of Random Mug fame and I felt like I needed to share the radical view that we got to enjoy. The flat has an incredible view of the stadium and apparently it is a perfect spot to listen to concerts! So next […]

Yeoman of the Guard - aka snoozefest

Wam and I See The Yeomen Of The Guard

Last week the Wam (aka the Mom) and I headed off to Artscape to watch the latest offering from the Cape Town Gilbert and Sullivan Society. You may know this about me but I heart the theatre and especially musicals – check out my DVD Collection for evidence. Anyhoo, I won two tickets to any […]


Beef Stroganoff For One?

Ok the title of this post could be a bit misleading because I actually have enough beef stroganoff for about 3 more people. Since it was only me for dinner I think there will be leftovers for lunch and perhaps a portion or two for the freezer. After a long day I headed to fetch […]

Boerie Roll

The BEST Boerie Roll in Cape Town

Oh me oh my, yummy delish. There is only one spot to get a boerie roll and I bet you’ll never guess where! From no other place than outside the Builders Warehouse in Tokai. This morning I went on a series mission to find bathroom accessories (I am planning on renovating the bathroom in my […]

Cheese Fondu

Do You Fondu?

When I was growing up my parents had a Swiss friend and it was always such a treat when he would come and make a real Cheese Fondu. It was always a production and there was so much cheese, the kiddies would even get a special one that didn’t have the booze (we got apple […]

Nose Flutes!

How To Make A Nose Flute?!

Yes that is correct. Those are nose flutes and yes I made them. Smart hey? First off you are probably wondering why on earth I would make a nost flute, let alone three. Let me explain … Good friends of mine started dating and one night we were watching an episode of The Amazing Race. […]