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A Day in Wine Country

A Day in Wine Country

I have some radical friends, they are awesome for many reasons. Todays reason is because they organise epic adventures and invite me to take part. This adventure was a full day wine tasting – did someone say tourist? A late night before made the early morning pickup of 8am a little tough, but we made […]

Workers Day Lunch

Worker’s Day Lunch

You might have noticed that I love food! I love both eating it and making it. I also love my friends and so what better combination is there than having them over for a meal? Cooking and socialising – my favourite. My flat isn’t massive so I need to limit the number of guests I […]

Gorgeous by Graham Beck

Drinks at Gorgeous

Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of bubbly? My friends and I certainly do, so when we heard about the new Graham Beck bubbly bar at Steenberg we couldn’t wait to give it a try. The bar is called Gorgeous and that’s exactly what it is. But beware if you blink you might miss it! It’s […]

Duck Fat

I ♥ Duck Fat

Judge me as much as you like but I am made about duck fat. Arteries and health issues aside it makes the most magnificent roast potatoes. I’ve discovered that Woolies now stocks this little gem and I cannot wait to use it. When heated the fan goes clear and you can either roast the potatoes […]

Eggs on Toast

A Perfect Sunday Breakfast

I really like to indulge with eggs on toast This weekend I thought why not take it a step up. I pulled out my egg poaching pan (a must in any kitchen I think) and made two perfectly poached eggs. For me a perfect poached egg has that delicate balance of a runny yolk that […]

Table Mountain

Enjoying An Evening With My View

I really enjoy coming home and especially on an evening when the sky turns itself into beautiful shades of pinks and purples. I am lucky to live in a part of Cape Town that has a magnificent view of Table Mountain. Each and every day I wake up to another view that I have never […]


I ♥ Woolies Mini Pestos

I really like pesto, in whichever form I can get my hands on from coriander to red pepper to the classic basil. However, I find that I never get through an entire jar, packet or tub of the stuff before it goes off (unless I’m making something for a large group of people). So I […]


I ♥ Postcards

In November last year I finally made the plunge and bought myself a flat. I was really tired of paying off someone elses bond so decided to pay off my own instead. Everytime I open my postbox there hasn’t been anything exciting in it, only bills, more bills and then a couple more bills. Until […]

Franschhoek Visit

Pretty Franschhoek

This weekend we went for lunch in Franschhoek, it was a Groupon deal (something I am being far less impressed with as time goes on… but thats a post for another day). Back to Franschhoek, the food wasn’t spectacular, but the company was. After lunch and a number of stops at the chocolate shops and […]

BarOne Cheesecake

Bar-One Cheesecake – Decadent Much?

I made this Bar-One Cheesecake for lunch over the Easter Weekend, on request from my friend. Think chocolate biscut base, creamchese, cream and chopped barone filling, with a chocolate sauce and butterscotch sauce drizzle in the middle. More filling and then finished with the rest of the chocolate and butterscotch sauce. Rich beyond belief, but […]


I Made It

Well it is Wednesday and I’m able to walk, which is very surprising. That means that I finished the 10km! Let me give you a quick overview. I woke up at 06h00 on Sunday morning, after trying to get an early night in the night before but only falling asleep after 01h00 – so needless […]

My Stove

I ♥ My Stove

Call me crazy, but I luv my stove. She’s a smeg and like the slogan says … she’s “technology with style”. ♥ Tans Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

Testing the water with a 10km

Testing the Waters with a 10km

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet this year and as someone who has NEVER been a fan of running (or excercise in anyform other than dancing) has entered myself into the Knysna Half Marathon. Yes people that’s 21.5 km … I have no real concept of how far that is, but am totally confident […]