Do You Remember These?

Isn’t it fun when you find things that bring back a ton of memories? I’m a child of the 80’s and 90’s – the 80’s I remember a lot but I think I was still too young to remember trends and brands. But the 90’s I do remember. Thank goodness the fashion has changed from those hideous ‘Mad Dog’ shorts and t-shirts fad, along with Jellies (which steamed up and were actually not kiff), alien posters and stuff from the Daisy Box. I’m probably missing a ton of stuff, but these are the things that spring to mind – oh and lets not forget the cargo army pants with crop top and buffalo takkies! Jirre maar dis mooi! Other things to think about are Poppels (those toys), Care Bears, Polly Pockets and slammers!!

While I am glad that those fad’s have passed there was a whole bunch in the food department that suddenly disappeared, but is now making a come back. Something like Ghost Pops vanished off the face of the planet for a while and then they were back on shelves, the same as O’Gradys chips. One such chip variety that I am surprised has made a comeback are the fish flavoured Kreoles. I bought a packet just to see what the vibe was … me thinks they could have stayed off the shelves.

On the other hand I heard what I assumed was only a rumour for ages that those ‘candy coated fruity drops’ aka Rascals were back on the market. Yippeeeee, hop skip and a jump for me, because I used to love these. I would separate them by colour and eat the junk flavours first (i.e. yellow … because it always runs the risk of being banana flavoured) and save the yummy purple kind for last. I had been on the hunt for these for ages and then all of a sudden I turned a corner in the Spar and there they were. With bright pink packaging … that might have been my fail I was looking for the old packaging. The actual sweets aren’t as round as they used to be, kinda more like a skwonky skittle, but the flavour is still epically delish. And I can smash a whole packet in a few minutes …

What do you remember from when you were younger that you wish they’d bring back?


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2 thoughts on “Do You Remember These?

  1. Christine says:

    I also tried Kreols recently and think they could have left those off the shelves – they weren’t as Yum as I remembered. I miss the Coca-Cola sweets (I forget what they were called). I wonder why they stopped O’Gradys chips, those were great.

    • Tans says:

      Oooh yes, I remember those Coca-Cola sweets! They’ve brought O’Gradys back – but I remember for a while they were nowhere to be found. I also miss those half orange half lemon jelly sweets.

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