A Bakkie Load of Fun

Fun In A Bakkie

It was the middle of winter, a friends birthday and a weekend away. What a laugh we had – and plenty food and drink was consumed. Some of the most fun was had when we went wine tasting and enjoyed a trip in the back of the bakkie while the boys sat in the luxurious front of the cab. The girls were squished between boxes on wine and bags and and, while the boys were sitting pretty up front. Needless to say we had an absolute blast and plenty of laughter was enjoyed. From passing around Clementine, enjoying new looks and talking a whole lot of rubbish. This made me feel like a teenager when you’d head off to the beach in a parents car by piling in as many people as you could. Thanks for the fun times friends!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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