Fun with the Wam at Clay Cafe

Last week I spent a wonderful morning with The Wam (aka my Mom) at the Clay Cafe. Now if you haven’t heard of this before let me fill you in. Based in Hout Bay this is a wonderful creative space. Booking is essential as it gets rather busy. Once you’ve settled into your table and have been given then brief rundown of how things work you can get your creative juices flowing. You walk into a room that is filled floor to ceiling with unfired bisque i.e. loads of plates, bowls, cups and and and that are already made and waiting for your creative flair.

Initially I found the whole process a bit daunting, so after looking at a variety of the ideas displayed and pictures on the walls I had settled on a fairly large salad bowl. Yikes now to select your colours and technique.

Clay CafeI selected a blue, mauve and white and had every intention of using air through a straw to “paint” my canvas. *Spoiler Alert* That was an epic fail and so I abandoned that idea and had another. And then another and finally after a few google searches I decided on a pattern I was happy with.

The Clay Cafe is humming and it is wonderful to walk through and see what other people are doing, some of the patrons are ridiculously talented and you have to remind yourself to stop staring and to not be too harsh on yourself if you are not creative – strips and splashes are totally cool.

Wam and I had so many laughs as we painted our pieces. And I can’t wait to see what they look like when they are fired and ready to come home. This takes about three weeks from the day you were there.

Wam at the Clay CafeThe Clay Cafe also has a lovely restaurant at reasonable prices. Although our order was messed up – toasted ham, cheese and tomato ended up just being cheese, it was delish none the less. You can also order a glass of wine or two which I am sure will help the creative process and shut the headmaster up (i.e. my critical eye).

I will definitely be back and highly recommend this as an activity with anyone in your life. Perhaps your next girls night or a date with your significant other, perfect for a catch up with your parentals or even just some me time.

Get hold of them on:
Phone: +27 (0)76 810-5120

Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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