Knysna Fail

Knysna Fail …

Sorry for the radio silence … life has been a bit topsy turvy, but I’m back.This post has taken me forever to write, because I think I’m only now coming to grips with the weekend that was Knysna.

Let be begin by telling you a little bit about Knysna. So remember when I told you I was planning on running the Knysna Half, (see here)? Well we made the trip to Knysna and oh boy did we hit some stormy weather on the way there, but this was nothing compared to the storms we were to have. I do need to say that when you go on the N2 make sure you stop at Dassiesfontein probably the BEST take away pie I have ever consumed. But back to the road, it was a long wet and occasionally hair raising drive into Knysna, the weather was well for lack of a better word kak (non South African’s read that as totally awful beyond all other descriptive words). Rain, rain, hail, rain, cold, wet weep! But we were ready for it – or so we thought. After arriving in the dark and fetching our race packs (ok confession I wasn’t going to do the race because I had failed to train properly, but still wanted the free stuff, HaylzDog would be running) we headed to the accommodation and settled in with some delish Thai curry and red wine. We had a fabulous first night of chatting and doing girly things and talking hanna hanna fish paste!

Oh look at the lovely weather! Naaaaaat!

PIC: Oh look at the ultra lovely weather … (the view wouldn’t been amazeballs had the weather not sucked)

After snuggling in bed I woke up at about 2am with an almighty storm. Holy cow did it rain and storm and Sal and I decided we’d convince Haylz she couldn’t run. Thank goodness the organisers of the race had the same thought and the marathon was cancelled. Look I know there were many superbly annoyed people, but it was a good call from the organisers – it was NOT safe. We spent the rest of the day trying to keep warm and pretend it wasn’t raining outside. Nicole and I even made a mission into town because I had nothing warm enough and needed more stuff – we found a 50% sale and both bought Puma hoodies! RAD! We came home and had lunch and decided since it was Knysna and we did have bubbly to have some. We also then thought we can’t be totally lame and spend the entire weekend indoors, we ventured out into the cold and went to 34 Degrees South for dinner. And where Nicole could try her first oyster! Remember we were there for the oyster festival. After scoffing our faces with enough food to feed a small army, but since we are ladies there was no scoffing involved it was only delicate tasting with plenty of leftovers …. After the coldest walk / run of our lives back to the car we decided that we needed to find a party, because we were after all there for a bit of a jol. We made our way to some place (no idea of the name) and met some friends, made some new ones and got warm (have I mentioned it was cold outside, oh I might not have mentioned how completely freaking bone chillingly cold we were, cold much! YES!)!

Lovely friendies

PIC: Oyster time, food time and four freeeeeezing friends!

The next day was much of the same radical weather … but always the adventurers we went off to Il de Pain for brekkie. Well worth the wait in the cold. Probably the best hot chocolate I have ever eaten. Now this is where Knysna takes a nasty turn … You might want to stop reading … I started to feel rather ill, no it wasn’t bubbly induced, I just felt ill. Had an attempted nap, then not so much and had a cheeky vom (sorry for the over share … I’m just creating the vibe). I thought maybe it was due to the rich food. Alas it was not to be … that evening another one in our happy family was ill and by ill I mean sick for the entire night. Weep of weeps! Far from ideal for a fun holiday. The next morning another two of our party were women down. We asked the owners of the place we were staying if we could check out late because 3 of the 4 were such sick puppies. After dosing up with some meds we made the journey home. CRISIS people this was probably the longest drive of our lives. Ever seen a car with four more miserable people, me thinks not. I don’t think more than 17 words were uttered for the entire journey which I might add lasted for more the 6 hours. Weeeeeeeep! Halfway through the journey the last of the 4 also was ill. We have pegged it down to the water, it must’ve been due to all the storms and heavy rain the water got some kinda bug in it. It’s the only thing I can think of. Very sad and did put a little damper on our weekend journey. But we’ll be back … although maybe long car trips will be avoided for a while.

Coffee and Hot Chocolate

PIC: Yummy delish hot chocolate!

A huge thanks to Nic, Haylz and Sal for making the most out of what was dismal weather. Even though the end was slightly traumatic there was a lot of greatness that happened that weekend! Thanks, thanks, thanks!! xx Knysna might’ve been a fail … but we sure weren’t!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)


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