Lashes or Tashes?

Since you only turn 30 once I think a birthday party is fitting. But for a number of reasons I couldn’t have a party near my actual birthday and Rik was in Bots until March, so March it was. I wanted some kind of dress up, but also something that would be relatively easy for everyone to do. Since false lashes (falsies) are one of my favourite things on the planet the theme of “Lashes and Tashes” was chosen. I’d seen pics of a friend in the UK who had been to a Lash ‘n Tash party. Loved the idea because it was pretty varied.

I have a rad pair of colourful lashes that are so long, but they are awesome. So this is what I went with. Rik shaved one heck of a mooi “tash” and so he looked awesome. We went to Banana Jam in my hood to meet up with everyone. Sheesh I was well impressed, my friends came out with all forms of lashes and tashes. I did forget that not everyone has worn false lashes before, so there were a few people who needed either assistance or were cursing me for the idea. I had fun! My friends are rad and it was a fabulous way to celebrate the start to my 30’s with all my friends.

Thank you everyone xxx

Check out the pics below!








Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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