Off to Dubai We Go

Off to Dubai We Went

Hoooooooooooliday! Yes please! Rik and I organised a tip to Dubai to visit old school friends of Rik’s who live and work there. I thought I’d get that out the way before you were asking why Dubai. We had 11 days of bliss (but more of that later). I just wanted to let ya’ll know I haven’t disappeared completely, still lots happening, perhaps too much because I haven’t had time to sit down and process.

So you know where I have been … where have you been?! Little joke 😉

The feature pic here is Rik and I totally ecstatic and ready for the trip! You really couldn’t wipe the smile off either of our faces. Before we left for Dubai we had a brief interlude in Jo’burg. Both Rik and I have family there. His cousin was kind enough to let us spend the weekend there and even fetched and carried to and from the airport! Major points scored – we’re waiting for a visit from you two please! We have plenty to show you in Cape Town. We headed to the Hazel Food Market in Menlo Park – AMAZE. So much of the food, which by now you know Rik and I are fond of. Check out the yummy delish flat bread we had!

Amazeballs Flat Bread at the Hazel Food Market

The market also had a host of other delicious treats, like cured meats, cheeses, fresh produce, pickles, jams and and and. If I wasn’t leaving for Dubai I would’ve stocked my suitcase with goodies to bring home.

We also took a trip on the Gautrain to visit my family for Sunday lunch. Was pretty impressed with the trip, was quick and easy and a really rather pleasant way to travel through the JHB traffic. Although it was nippy waiting for the train on that platform.

Ready for the Guatrain

We still had all of Monday before out flight for Dubai – which left after 22h00, and it was decided that we’d head out for a spot of lunch. We headed into Irene (which is known for dairy … which might explain the next pics …) but check out the broze statue thing we found. Apparently kids use it as a jungle gym.

Irene statue

Our interlude to Jozi was a fantastic start to an epic holiday. Thanks to everyone we saw and spent time with … more about Dubai and what we did there coming soon.


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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