3 P’s – Penguins, Prawns, Pringle Bay

When we visit Rik’s sister and brother-in-law (Aims and Zak) at their home in Pringle Bay a few things are guaranteed … great food, great wine and great company! We visited while Rik’s mom was in town and went on a little trip to see the penguins at Stony Point down the road in Bettys Bay.

Yikes those little dudes and dudettes are cute! I love that they each over their own personalities and traits. I found this little guy (or girl) hanging on his private beach just enjoying the sunshine and having a grand old time. Isn’t this pic too cute? Also I think it’s just a pretty rad photo.

Penguins, Prawns, Pringle Bay

That evening (after a well-deserved afternoon nap) a feast of prawns were prepared. I adore seafood and will smash as much of it in my face until I am proven otherwise (I am waiting for a seafood allergy to develop as my Wad and Aunt developed these – weeeeeep!) So until then I will eat and eat seafood of all kinds.

On the menu were Queen prawns (bought frozen from Checkers), we pan fried these in plenty of butter and garlic until they turned that gorgeous pink. Oh my yummy delish! We also made a salad with ingredient picked straight out of Aims garden, which always makes it taste better.

Penguins, Prawns, Pringle Bay

Prawns dunked in Aims home made chilli sauce, a table of family and friends and a glass of wine – what more could a girl ask for?


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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