Adventures of teh fake poop

The Adventures of the Fake Poop

Oh so this might fuel your thoughts that I am slightly cooked … But it was too funny not to share. And who doesn’t enjoy a fake poop story? On the day the Random Mug was discovered another little gem – this was a lump of fake poop. Most of you are probably saying akward or eeeeeew, which are both totally valid responses, but not if you’ve been involved first hand in the jokes. This fake poop is really realistic looking but it’s made from similar stuff that those sticky hands were made of when we were little. Think about it … and then think how funny it would be to catch that and discover something which at first glance you think is something VERY different to what it actually is.

I first hurled it at Reen to much shrieking and laughing, but promptly forgot about it. The other two conspired with one another and left me a little “surprise” in my handbag … and then it was me who did the shrieking and jumping.

I left the fake poop in my car and it provided a good number of laughs. Especially when my sister was in the backseat and I threw it over to her to catch and she got such a fright! HILARIOUS! Anyways the owner of the poop missed it so much that it needed to be returned, but not before a few adventures were had. It even left it’s mark in the guest book!

Fake Poop

Pics clockwise from top left: Is that a poop on the couch? / How did you climb up the window? / On a wine glass? / Forever imortalised in the guest book …. But my favourite has to be the fruit bowl! Teehee he he he Who says you need to grow up?


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

7 thoughts on “The Adventures of the Fake Poop

  1. Mark Chittenden says:

    Haha… Awesome! I’m sending it back to you for more adventures! I happy knowing my poo is in good hands.

    • Tans says:

      Aaaah excellent Mark! What an adventure. I hope the poop will visit again soon, so many adventures to be had! :p

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