I ♥ Postcards

In November last year I finally made the plunge and bought myself a flat. I was really tired of paying off someone elses bond so decided to pay off my own instead. Everytime I open my postbox there hasn’t been anything exciting in it, only bills, more bills and then a couple more bills. Until yesterday! Joy of joys, I opened the little door, exepecting nothing and instead a beautiful postcard fell into my hands! With a few simple words … “Guess Who xxx”. No this is not a mystery to me, it was no secret admirer, but a really good and thoughtful friend who understands my love of post. He lives in Germany and went on a trip to Tallinn in Estonia, which was less than zero degrees during his visit. So thank you, I certainly do ♥ postcards and hope to get many more of them. Such a thoughtful gesture, you really can’t ever take away how special it is receiving a handwritten letter or postcard.


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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