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I Make Scones!

I won’t bang on about how I’ve neglected my blog (hangs head in shame), so I’ll get right into it. I made scones! And they turned out well, actually better than well, oh so yummy delish well. Best part about it was that it was so flipping easy. My dearest Wam always made scones that […]


Ons Huisie Breakfast – What a Winner!

Oh my hat bags, if you haven’t been to Ons Huisie in Bloubergstrand do yourself a favour and get down there. We went a while ago for a friends birthday and not only did we spend hours there enjoying each other’s company but I also had one of the BEST breakfasts I’ve eaten from a […]


Rik Makes Us Dinner In Dubai

I have mentioned before that Rik makes sensational food, when we were in Dubai he treated us to some serious yummy delish! Being in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan was an interesting experience … we didn’t really eat out and since we were staying at a friends house it was easy to cook […]


Simple Dins – Burger Without the Bun

I’ve recently started Hot Yoga, no this isn’t a new years resolution that will end in a week or two, but something I am loving to the max. It does however, deserve an entirely separate post, so hold tight and watch this space. One of the things I have noticed with this new regime of […]


We Do Friday Brunch in Dubai

I know I posted this yesterday, but a silly sausage thought it would be fun to add some super spammy links in the background (naughty and well … lame). But to cut a long story short, yesterdays bit of beautiful writing was lost and instead of boring you with more I’ll just leave you with […]


Burger From Eat Out The Box

There are days when you just don’t feel like cooking, especially when it has been a long day and you’re only cooking for one. So something I like to treat myself to occasionally (when it isn’t pizza) is something from Eat Out The Box. They are a relatively new take-away spot that operates in the […]


I Make My Version Of A Tomato Tart

There is one thing I always have in my freezer, something that comes is rather handy and possibly something you don’t always keep in yours. Ready Made Puff Pastry, this is key and I’m going to tell you why. Besides pastry being simply delicious and moreish it is great to use to make both starters […]


I Make Lemon Tart

I have mentioned before that I like to bake. Something about it makes me feel very relaxed. So when I was going for Sunday lunch with the parentals I decided to bring the pudding. Also, Sunday was when my parentals were expecting to meet the Japanese ballet dancer who will be dancing with the Cape […]


Amazeballs Tabasco Burger

When Rik was down last we went out for lunch with his sister and old family friends to Jake’s in the Village (which is in Tokai and was a nice meeting point for us all). Just a bit of background to the restaurant, Jake’s on Summerly is just down the road from me in Kenilworth […]


My First Herbs From My Herb Box

Remember my parentals gave me a herb box for Christmas? If not read the post here. But it had a chilli plant and flat leaf parsley, I am a bit rubbish at keeping plants alive so I was beyond excited when I discovered by chilli plant didn’t only have leaves but chilli’s as well. I […]