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I ♥ Nic Harry

No no dear readers, there is no new man in my life – the Rik man is still very much in the picture. Nic Harry is all about socks! And socks for dudes no less. You may be asking me why I (a woman) am so obsessed with socks for men, well I’ll tell you […]


I ♥ My Mariana Serfontein Plates

Oh boy am I lucky, I am starting a collection of crockery that I (and most people who see them) covet. I am the proud owner of 4 plates and 6 bowls from the very talented Mariana Serfontein Pottery. Rik’s mom has spoilt us with these treasures and I absolutely adore setting the table with […]


I ♥ Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil

As with all good intentions, they are what they are … good intentions – not necessarily what the result is. I have been awfully quiet this year and have meant to blog, but life has happened and I haven’t found the time. So forgive me … all I can do is try (although is anyone […]


I ♥ My Christmas Jumper

It may not seem like it, but Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year. To be fair the last few years I have been slack with the Christmas vibes, hardly any presents were bought, no tree put up, very few Christmas parties and just a general slackness with my Christmassy spirit. […]


Rest Well Madiba

After waking up and hearing of your passing the night before (5 December 2013) … these are my thoughts. “I’ll never forget waiting for your arrival on the grand parade on 11 February 1990. A father who changed a nation, thank you for your sacrifice, may your spirit live in the hearts of all South […]


I ♥ Street Art

I know I’m as writing this it that not everyone will agree with my opinion (I think the Wam might be one of those – I remember having a big discussion with her when I was back in varsity), but lets have it out. Tell me what you think and why … Because I am […]


I ♥ My Korean Suplise Box of Treats

I have told you before about how much I love post – not the kind that is a bill and is asking for money for things like electricity and telephone bills – but the fun postcard and letters from friends kind. One such exciting letter to get in the postbox is one letting you know […]


I ♥ Hout Bay Beach Walks

Isn’t this city just beautiful, within 20 minutes drive in any direction you’ll get to one of the most magnificent views anywhere. I only have to look out of my window at home to see my view; a take a short drive to see a stunning Sea Point Sunset or perhaps go on a hike […]


I ♥ My Fingerless Gloves

Winter is going to be a cracker this year, I’m already almost in full arctic gear after suffering from the flu for the last two weeks. Note to self try to pack in loads of vitamin C before the cold hits next year. Anyhoo, I need to share my winter must have. Fingerless gloves! Say […]


I ♥ Weddings: Justine and Simon Get Hitched

Now perhaps you remember J&S of nose flute fame? Well it was time for their wedding! Yippeeeee and what a wonderful celebration it was. I had the honour of being one of the chuppah holders, which is a Jewish tradition, you may have seen it before, but just not known what it was called. It’s […]