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3 P’s – Penguins, Prawns, Pringle Bay

When we visit Rik’s sister and brother-in-law (Aims and Zak) at their home in Pringle Bay a few things are guaranteed … great food, great wine and great company! We visited while Rik’s mom was in town and went on a little trip to see the penguins at Stony Point down the road in Bettys […]


Meet Nessie

Introducing my latest kitchen tool – meet Nessie. She loves to hang out in a big bowl of soup. She looks great in any pot and compliments plenty of colours! Cute isn’t she?


Where Have I Been?

Out having fun that’s where! Sheesh, life she has been busy. Not even sure where to start. Apologies for the lack of writing, as you can imagine my brain is in need of a serious word vom! But I’ll save that for another day. Some new and exciting things which are cause for celebration and […]


If You Need Me …

This is where I will be … One whole week in Botswana with my Rik. I am ridiculously excited … doesn’t it look like bliss? I’ll also be enjoying my 31st birthday there! Yeeeha! I’ll have some updates on my return. ♥ Tans Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)


We Hit The Dunes Hard – Dubai Desert Safari

I said Dubai was a holiday of firsts and this day was a serious bunch of firsts. It was a great evening out, although pretty swelteringly hot and all outdoors! This one might just need to be more about the photographs because I think they tell a story in themselves. Actually come to think about […]


Team Ginga Ninja Does Bierfest

As you all know I do LUV a dress up. If you don’t know this about me … shame on you, remember this information forever! On a side note I think the love for dress up comes from the Wam. We always had amazing costumes whenever there was a dress up party or event and […]


We See The Dubai Fountain

I have mentioned before that I didn’t really do much planning for the Dubai trip. More of the lets go with the flow rather than an itinerary. I didn’t do much research about anything, but one thing I did know about was the Dubai Fountain. I’d heard that one of the must see’s were the […]


We Were On Top Of The World At the Burj Khalifa

When planning our trip to Dubai, Rik, Justin, Van and myself had a Whatsapp group where we’d chat, plan and get excited about the upcoming trip. Ok when I say plan I mean Vanessa and I would discuss details like visa requirements and so on and so forth whereas the boys would send joke pics […]


Razzle Dazzle At The Amy Larter Debut Album Launch

Wowza kapowza! I have told you before about my incredibly talented friend, Amy Larter, and a few weeks ago I was privileged enough to attend her DEBUT Album Launch. It is exciting enough when you go to something as awesome as this, but even more so when she is one of your nearest and dearest. […]


Short & Sweet Season 3

Last year I told you all about why I Luv Short & Sweet and this year they are back for the 3rd season. Last night was just past the halfway mark so you only have until 24 September 2013 to get there otherwise you miss out and then you are This year they have […]