Amy and Zak

I ♥ Weddings: Amy and Zak Get Hitched

I have mentioned before that I love weddings and it seems to be wedding season for me. I’ve attended a wedding in November, December, January and will be attending ones in both March and April of this year. But these are always such happy occasions, what is more special than watching people you love Tie The Knot?

Rik and I went to his sisters wedding in December and we spent about a week in total at the family farm that is slap bang inbetween Oudtshoorn and George. The days before the wedding were a flurry of activity and getting everything sorted for the big day. The garden was the setting and it was absolutely gorgeous – lush and green. We had all the tables set up with bright flowers and bottles hanging from the trees with flowers in them. The settting was stunning.

The big day had arrived and we were lucky to escape the rain, the weather was perfect because for this time of year it wasn’t sweltering hot on the day. Amy looked gorgeous and it was such a special moment watching Zak’s face when he first saw her. The entire night was just fun. The food delicious, homemade lamb pate and humas for starters. Mains were amazeballs, lamb on the spit and the best homemade chicken pie I have ever had. Even better when we found the leftovers in the middle of the night for a little midnight feast 😉

They also had such an epic DJ, it was difficult to stop dancing. I also had my first proper sokkie ever – it was legend-wait-for-it-dary! Oh my word, that was such fun, I could do that every night!

Thanks to Amy and Zak for an incredibly special day, it was wonderful being able to share it with you both. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness xxx

Amy and Zak


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    • Tans says:

      I know the arrangements were beautiful – I realized flower arranging is not my forte, so I just filled up the pots with water. Hehe!

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