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A Healthy Dins

A few weeks ago I spent a VERY chilled Friday night with one of my besties, we were both in need of a serious chill out sesh. This crazy cold CPT weather is also not conducive to going out and being sociable. Off I went to Ms KleeB’s place and she made an epic dinner, which was followed by a chick flick. We decided on healthy vibes and so on the menu were grilled brown mushrooms (you know those big ones), roast veggies, tomato salsa and some radical guac.

It was so yummy delish to the max. We stuffed our little faces but didn’t feel so bad because we were having a good old veggie boost. There are few things in the world I love more than chilling out with a good friend (and eating delish food). This night I got to do both. The next day I felt revitalised and ready for what the world had to offer. Here’s to rad friends!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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