Beef Stroganoff For One?

Ok the title of this post could be a bit misleading because I actually have enough beef stroganoff for about 3 more people. Since it was only me for dinner I think there will be leftovers for lunch and perhaps a portion or two for the freezer. After a long day I headed to fetch my washing from the laundry – no washing machine in my flat yet, bane of my existance (or at least one of them), but watch this space – and I went off to the Rosmead Spar (the greatest one in Cape Town me thinks) and saw some beef and was sold on dinner. I just used one of those packet sauce vibes where you need to add peppers and mushrooms and some milk, I added some onions too. And in just over 30 minutes dinner was served. Tasty, delish and really easy peasy. I always get the cooking for one vibe a bit wrong and either end up with too much food, loads of leftovers or too much food in the fridge that goes off before I get it it. Thats why I like to cook something big-ish on a Monday and then I can have a few meals during the week. What are your Monday favourites?


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2 thoughts on “Beef Stroganoff For One?

  1. Stef says:

    Mondays are always busy at work, so usually too tired to cook, but on a complete whim, made nachos last night with homemade guacamole and store bought salsa. Super easy and super yummy. No leftovers though 🙂

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