Beluga Lunch

Beluga Sushi – More Please?!

Girls lunch is synonymous with talking, lots of wine and less about food! This theory was proved on the weekend. I met up with some of my girls for a catch up at Beluga as we took advantage of their half price sushi special, if you haven’t yet tried it then what are you waiting for? It is a firm favourite in our list of places to visit, because the outside seating area is lekker, so is the food and they are generally pretty happy to let you sit for hours. The best is that they don’t mind too much when you’re all talking really loudly, laughing and generally being a bit raucous. Anyone who underestimates the awesomeness of “girls lunch” obviously hasn’t enjoyed ones like I have. And remember what happens at lunch … stays at lunch …

PS on my plate is salmon sashimi, spicy tuna handroll and salmon roses … the tuna sashimi was still on it’s way


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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