Woodlands Pizza

Birthday Dinner at Woodlands

One of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town has to be Woodlands in Deer Park. I joined a very special friend there for her birthday. Oh boy oh boy does Woodlands never disappoint. They make the most incredible wood fired pizza’s, one of my favourite being their lamb pizza which is served with dollops of creme fraiche and generous amounts of roasted lamb stew. You will not be sorry with this choice. I decided to try something different on this night and opted for the meatball pizza. Oh my goodness am I glad I chose that one, a steaming hot pizza arrived with perfectly rolled meatballs dotted all over it and I’d added some feta for good measure. The pizza is HUGE people, but I munched my way through at least two thirds of that one, leaving just the right amount for breakfast the next day! This is such an awesome little spot and you always need to book, sometimes you may even be disappointed because they’re full. Reach them on +27 (0)21 801-5799. A fantastic night was had, plenty of laughter and wonderful company. Lets go again!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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