Pork Chop

Now That’s A Pork Chop

I love having Rik home from Bots, for many many reasons but one is because he makes ridiculously good food. I definitely pick up a pound or twelve when he’s here, but it is so worth it.

This night he made the most scrumdiddlyumptious pork chop, mash and coleslaw. I don’t know about you, but I think that a well cooked pork chop is sensational and this one was prett darn perfect. It’s great being cooked for when the person who is doing the cooking really knows his way around the kitchen.

The mash was sooooo tasty, add a bit of parsley and good seasoning and you’ll have a mash that is delish. I remember the days when I was a really fussy eater as a child and mashed potato was possibly the worst thing I could find on my plate. I’ll never forget the one evening when I refused to eat it and my mom told me I needed to stay at the table until the potato was eaten! I made a castle out of it and it was icy cold … I can’t remember who won that battle, but I’ll never forget it.

Accompanying the chop and mash was the very underrated coleslaw. I love this stuff, can’t get enough of it really and I was lucky enough to have a homemade one. Plenty of mayo and the best balance of flavours. Lucky me because there was leftovers that I could take to work the next day.

I now make sure I’ve got pork chops in the freezer, because they are quick and easy and simply delish. Don’t you agree?

PS … fat = flavour!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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