Empire Cafe

Lunch at Empire Café

I have told you before that I ate this holiday and eat I did, especially when Sarah came to visit from London! She is one of my oldest friends, we met the day before Sub A and she was down to visit from London for a week. So I put on my stretchy pants and off we went – jokes it was way to hot for stretchy pants.

I fetched Sarah from the airport and we went home for a little bit to drop off bags and then we were off to the beach. We decided to head to Muizenberg and moer was it hot (not ideal when your car has no aircon). The beach was packed – note to self Muizenberg is not ideal on the second day of the new year if you’re looking for a quiet afternoon!

Knead was packed and the queue looked far too long to wait in, so off we headed to the Empire Cafe which is just a short walk up the road and across the train tracks. We found a table upstairs to enjoy the view and slight breeze. Beers were ordered and the catch up commenced.

Empire is chilled and the menu is written in chalk boards that are hung on the wall. Two things jumped out at me – a duck salad and a peri peri steak roll. Since I’m fussy about salads (I always think there is too much lettuce – no matter where I go) I went with the steak roll. Sarah went for the duck salad.

My plate of food was HUGE, but I tucked in and got stuck in right away. The peri peri sauce was divine. Just the right amount of spice and the piece of steak was a decent size and cooked to a perfect medium rare.

Prego Steak Roll - yummy! I would recommend you pop in when you’re next near the beach. Also when you’re finished pop round to the ice cream shop next to Knead for a cone to munch on while you stroll along the beach!

Duck salad


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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