Now that's a Fillet

Now That’s What You Call A Fillet

Kitty and Paul had just moved into their new spot – which is totally awesome and Mieka (the pooch) is loving life with the garden. What better way to celebrate moving into a new place (which is tiring and stressful) than a perfect day and a braai.

And what was to be on the braai, why a fillet of course! Oh my goodness was this one braaied to perfection, with simple rub of olive oil, salt and pepper. Pink and juicy and tender in the middle. My oh my did I get to eat well. We tucked into a green salad and cous cous salad as well. To end off we devoured strawberries and cream, which I must say is something totally under rated as a pud. Quick and easy but 100% moreish.

What an awesome spot and so rad to be able to braai and eat and just be merry. Crumbs I have some wonderful friends.

Time to Dish up!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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