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The BEST Homemade Pizza in Cape Town

It’s been forever since I have written and I have so much to share, mostly it revolves around all of the delicious food I have been enjoying. Cape Town has so much to offer in amazing restaurants, but this means that sometimes the homemade stuff isn’t given the lime light it deserves.

I enjoyed 1x amazeballs evening at my friends parents house when we were entertaining the Frenchies. Mally and Sean have the most epic pizza oven in their back garden and we were invited to come and make our own pizza. With toppings like anchovies, brie, avo, peppers, garlic, chicken and and and the options were endless. I had such fun creating my own combo which included anchovies, peppers, onions and pepperdews (aka piquant peppers aka buttleritos aka whatever trademarked name you know them by). The pizza bases were thin so you need to add toppings with the “less is more” attitude/

Oh boy were these good. The fire ensures that the base is crisped up superbly quickly and the cheese is melted good and proper. Crikey was this a yummy delish evening. We even had a few garlic breads (accompanied by homemade tzatziki). All I can say is that going out for a good pizza is one thing, but being at home and making a selection of pizza with wonderful people and interesting combo’s is WAY cooler. Thanks to Mally and Sean for having us round, I’m looking forward to the next one.

Pizza Time!


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