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Sushi at 1890 House

Ok yes so I have not written for ages, apologies, but sometimes life happens and you don’t have time to write. This is the case, lets just move on. Anyhoo, I have been meaning to tell you about one of my favourite spots for a sushi kick, 1890 House in Obs. Thinking about this now and looking at the pic makes my tummy grumble, which means I need to make a plan to get there again soon.

If you haven’t been to this completely unassuming little spot on a side road in Obs you need to make a plan. This is no mess no fuss little asian spot (what I mean by this is that you can get a range of dishes from sushi to chinese and even thai). I must admit that I only go for sushi, because it is totally awesome. It’s also my favourite spot to meet Reenie – we go for sushi and a beer and a catch up.

This time we were joined by the lovely Zo and we ordered plenty of sushi and there was plenty of chatting! What an awesome evening, a follow up needs to be arranged asap. As for the sushi everything I have had there so far has been delish. I am a particular fan of their spicy salmon hand rolls, these are always stuffed to the max with all the goodness a handroll should have.

I DIG the whole vibe at 1890, the staff is always an eclectic bunch with a laid back, yet attentive attitude. They understand when you just want to have a chat over a glass of wine. Or another fun spot to sit is at the sushi bar, I’ve found one or two really great dishes on the conveyor belt. Well worth a try.

I’ll be back there soon. Do you have a favourite sushi spot? If so I’d love to know where so I can check it out …


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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