Epic Veggie Lunch

The Sister Makes an Epic Veggie Lunch

I headed off to my sisters spot for a bite to eat on Sunday. My sis has a slightly restricted diet in that she needs to stay far away from all things gluten and wheat – so gone is anything with flour, i.e. pasta, pastry and and – once you read labels you find out just how much contains wheat. And on top of that no red meat, so she sticks to a mainly veggie diet, which I am more than ok with. I do enjoy a good meat free meal now and again.

So the sister made one heck of a delish meal, she needs to have more faith in her cooking abilities. Lunch was a veggie combination of tastiness. She made some veggies sausages, which taste better than they sound (or look before cooking) with a smear of basil pesto (which I adore), a couple of chopped baby tomatoes, and a wonderful roast veggie medley of butternut and sweet potato (which she’d spiced up really well). But I think the winner of the meal, which is a combo I would never have thought of was steamed fresh spinach (which by itself I could eat by the bucket full), but she topped it with crumbled feta and raisins. It was superbly tasty and the raisins added a burst of sweetness which worked so well with the salty feta.

What a great meal – when can I come back sister?


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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