Amazeballs Tabasco Burger

When Rik was down last we went out for lunch with his sister and old family friends to Jake’s in the Village (which is in Tokai and was a nice meeting point for us all). Just a bit of background to the restaurant, Jake’s on Summerly is just down the road from me in Kenilworth and as restaurants go this one has been around for donkey’s years. It has a strong legacy and is popular with locals, the food is pretty yummy too – try the lamb flat bread, it is pricey but it’s darn tasty.

But back to the Jake’s at hand. We were all sitting in the outside area which was cosy and comfortable, although very quiet when we arrived. The quiet didn’t last long because before long the outside area was buzzing. We had a really sweet waitress who was very patient with us as we took plenty of time or order. We had some delish wine, which I cannot for the life of me remember, but I’m sure Rik will know (he is great with wine). It was a light red and I want to say Pinot Noir, but pretty sure that I’m wrong. It was perfect because it wasn’t a boiling hot day but it also wasn’t red wine weather and this actually did rather nicely with an ice block or two.

After all the jabbering away we realised we needed to order. Tough choice, there was so much on the menu that looked delicious, would it be the prawns or calamari, a flat bread even? Choices and more choices. For some reason I chose to turn my head to the side and glance at the “specials” board and my eyes were immediately drawn to the Tabasco Burger. Oh my goodness, tabasco you say? I say happy thank you more please. Now all I needed to know was if this burger came with cheese and I’d be sold. Our waitress came back to the table and I asked her about the burger. Crumbs a doodle – this thing had a patty that was smoked with tabasco and then had mozarella cheese through it and on it and I was sold. I cannot begin to describe the deliciousness of this burger, I wolfed it down in about 3 minutes flat and was almost tempted to get another just so I could savour every yummy delish bite. Every one else was really please with their food, but secretly I think everyone had a bit of food envy.

We were then surprised with a palate cleanser of a pinotage sorbet served in shot glasses, it was tasty. We also then shared BarOne springrolls. Jirre chocolate overload much? But they were goooooood.

Anyone else had this Tabasco Burger? If you’re at Jake’s and it’s on the menu and you like cheese and tabasco and all things yummy delish then just GO for it.


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

3 thoughts on “Amazeballs Tabasco Burger

  1. Zoe says:

    Goodness me… I actually went to Jakes in Kenilworth the other day and had the lamb flatbread. Honestly, it was so delicious (that night, and the next day for lunch – it’s beeeeg!) that I’d need to think hard before ordering anything else there ever again. But… the sound of this tabasco burger has certainly made my mouth water, so maybe I’ll have to try it one day 🙂

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