I Luv Street Art

I ♥ Street Art

I know I’m as writing this it that not everyone will agree with my opinion (I think the Wam might be one of those – I remember having a big discussion with her when I was back in varsity), but lets have it out. Tell me what you think and why … Because I am interested. First thing I need to clarify something, when I say street art I am not referring to tagging and random graffiti that is defacing buildings and objects and trains and and and. Tagging is something I’m not ok with, it’s damage to property and just immature. Street art on the other hand sends a message or is just beautiful to look at.

When I talk about street art I am talking about some of the amazing murals that are dotted around the city, found down hidden alleys, on walls and doors. I can’t say that I know for a fact that all street art is put there with permission, but I do think that if it is an expression of the artists circumstances or feelings, or is a piece of social commentary that this shouldn’t be shunned and ignored as damage but it is something to be celebrated. So many people don’t have a voice and I think street art allows them to have a voice. Ok it’s not carrying a message sometimes it is just a beautiful piece of art.

I enjoyed a short walk through a small part of Woodstock the other day and I saw these pieces. I think they are cool. Maybe my love of street art is born from my childhood because I grew up in the suburbs of Woodstock and Salt River where this was common place and I saw the individual expression that these artists had. I don’t really know, but when I see something that is bright and colourful and special it makes my heart smile – doesn’t yours? (PS if anyone knows who’s these pieces are done by let me know so I can credit them)

Isn’t this cool?
Such cool street art!

What does this say to you?
What do you think?

Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

4 thoughts on “I ♥ Street Art

  1. Anne says:

    Funny, yesterday, I drove past, and really noticed that ZEBRA art work……even reversed,illegally to catch another look……and felt the same as you, re. the brightness, the quality, the anonymous expression and yes, just the joy of the art, on such drab and sometimes dismal walls!!
    Feel quite excited that you commented on this subject in the same week that I have consciously alerted myself to street art within the Inner city boundaries!
    Lotsa love Tania!!

  2. Tans says:

    Aaah my dear AA! Thank you! That is exactly how I feel and I’m so glad I wrote this post and someone understood exactly what I was saying. You summed it up perfectly. Lots of love back to you xxx

  3. Arlene says:

    We must have been miscommunicating when we had this conversation – I don’t condone meaningless tagging. But I love street art. It’s like the murals of people like Diego Rivera and early Greek and Roman artists. I Also saw the zebra the other day and was struck by it. And take note of that wonderful mural when you come from the gardens shopping centre – been there since 2005/2006 and the colours are still so intense and the message is striking! Cape Town’ Faith is a a wonderful street artist. And at a certain well known boys’ high school in the southern suburbs the art teacher had a graffiti artists draw a mural in the stair well

    • Tans says:

      Hehehe, Wam we must have. I remember having a heated discussion with you and wad in the kitchen about that wall in Mowbray (at or near the house I did that film course at) that had been done (art – not tagging). My opinion was that it was art and I wouldn’t be upset if I woke up and something beautiful / socially commentating had be put up over night and both you and wad disagreed and said that it was damage to property. But glad you’ve seen the Zebra! And yes the piece on the way back from town is pretty special x

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