I ♥ Deep Tissue Massage

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? I sure do, a day at the spa, having my nails done and so on and so forth. My favourite of these is a good back massage, but these are few and far between. If you work in an office job or sit behind a computer all day you’re probably like me and find your shoulders and neck getting sore. I am useless though and don’t get up and stretch and do any of the things that you should do if you do sit behind a computer all day. So when I feel myself getting sore or realise that my neck and shoulders are really tight (as they are right now!) I book myself an appointment with the BEST therapeutic massage therapist Cape Town has to offer. I’m thinking about this all because I can feel my neck is tight and I am in need of booking an appointment.

Catherine also happens to be a good friend of mine so while you might think this is a punt it’s not. Knowledge is power and I’m sharing my knowledge with you – I will say hands down that she is the best at what she does. I’ve recommended her to loads of people and everyone comes back reiterating that she is the best. She specialises in sports and deep tissue massage.  You’ll meet her and probably think she won’t be able to get rid of your knots because she’s a small lady, but I would say nay! She is incredibly strong and is the only person I have been to who is able to sort out my knot riddled back and neck. I won’t lie it hurts, but the results as soon as you leave improve with time and my back feels fabulous. It’s important to know that she is registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa, (AHPCSA – Registration number A3119) which is a statutory health body established in terms of the Allied Health Professions Act, 63 of 1982 (The Act) in order to control all allied health professions. She is based in the Southern Suburbs and you can find her on Facebook: Catherine Hoets – Theraputic Massage Therapist.

Ooooh and on checking her page now I see she’s running a special for July, discount discount! People do yourself a favour, treat yourself (and your back), you’ll be back time and again. We all put ourselves at the bottom of the pile. Your body is something you shouldn’t neglect – it’s the only one you get! Make sure you look after yours. Massage, in my opinion, shouldn’t be seen as a luxury … it’s a necessity! Come on … I dare you to come back and tell me that Catherine isn’t the best …


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  1. Wam says:

    reading this makes me realise how much i have missed those monthly sessions with Cath! definitely the best in the business!

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