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I ♥ My Guitar

The Wad has played the guitar for years and years and years and this was always a happy memory growing up. He’d sing songs like ‘Ag Please Daddy’ and some song about being in a lift and ‘going uuuuup’ along with other classics.

I played the violin at school (nerd alert) and the Wam played and taught the piano as well. So fair to say we have a musical family in some ways. Music has always been a part of me. About a year ago my dad found me a guitar, which he had repaired. It was a steel string and had a smaller frame which would be easier for me to play seeing as I have teeny tiny hands.

Unfortunately this guitar kept going out of tune and the strings were pulling away from the body, so the Wad took it to his guitar guy Georgie to get fixed. Sadly it looks like this guitar is going to take a while to be repaired, but Georgie has very kindly given me a guitar along with a bunch of teach yourself books. Eeek I am excited to get my guitar on! I would love to be able to sit down and play a guitar.

I’m going the teach yourself route .. but if anyone has a suggestion of a guitar teacher that would be epic. I might need some help (quite a lot of it), but I do know how to play one chord! So if you know of a song that only requires the E chord let me know, cos I can play that one!

I think it’s important to carry on learning and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this. Thank you Wad for this gift and thank you parentals for the gift of music – it is something I treasure daily x


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6 thoughts on “I ♥ My Guitar

  1. mark says:

    It’s the way to go. You have a training manual. Also check out what is available on the internet. I think you also have a good voice to add to the combo. This is so cool. Go for it!

  2. Arlene says:

    Mmm I never mastered the teach yourself route in learning the guitar. But then my hand won’t curl that way round the neck of the guitar! Have happy time learning – and singing!

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