Cederberg Oasis – What a Weekend!

We will ignore how long it has been since I’ve posted anything and get straight into it. A few weekends ago we missioned off to the Cederberg to celebrate a friends birthday. This is the second year we have done this and this year was as much fun, if not more than the last. What more can you ask when you have a bunch of your besties, braai’s, sun, wine and a dress up.

Cederberg OasisWe stayed at Cederberg Oasis (I am almost loathed to give this secret away … so if you want to go there you’ll have to find it yourself). The A-frame tents are simple but all you need as it’s so hot you are either in the pool or at one of the venues close by with aircon. The venue lends itself to a weekend away with a big group. Needless to say there was a lot of meat braaied.

Rikki and two other crazy friends decided that they would brave the heat and hike up to the Maltese Cross. Even though they left early in the morning the temperature was sky high. Thankfully they made it to the top and back relatively unscathed.

Cederberg OasisWhile the temperature swelled well into the mid to high 30’s and we the hikers were still away, we sought refuge at Cederberg Wines (aircon) and NieuBrew (brewery with female brewers = awesome). We did bump into the hikers enroute and they joined us in the cool aircon of Cederberg Wines. Once we filled out bellies with lunch it was back to Cederberg for some rugby before braaing again but this time with a dress up.

The theme was proudly South African. As you know Rikki and I never go halfway with a dress up – it is all or nothing. This time we decided on a boer and Patricia Lewis. The tent didn’t have a mirror so I slathered on as much make up as I could and teased my hair into a poof and bundled half of it on top of my hair. Glammed on a sparkly top and we were off. Rikki looked like he climbed straight out of a bakkie and as for me … well you decided. It was tons of fun and there were plenty of laughs all round. Life really is good and friends make it that much more special.

Cederberg Oasis

Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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