Defending the Caveman

Festive Friday Goes to Defending the Caveman

I have mentioned before, but I have rad friends. We changed our regular girls dinner club to something called Festive Fridays. What this means is that once a month we organise something fun to do as a group. This also means that partners are invited too, so everyone can have a jol. This month we organised a group to go and watch “Defending the Caveman” with Alan Committie. Just a bit of background – this show has been running for 16 years (more than half my life) and with more than 2000 performances we knew we were in for a good show. I remember my parents seeing this show when I was still at school and how they were both in hysterics and talked about it for weeks, if not years.

The theatre was packed, lights dimmed and the show began. Sheesh what a laugh, I did some serious laughercise that evening. It was well worth braving the cold. What was even more entertaining was that Mr Committie was my high school drama teacher so watching him perform this had it’s own spin of hilarity. The show takes you through the behaviour of modern man and how it resembles the caveman. Men are hunters, women are gatherers. He uses a number of everyday life examples that will leave you in stiches and rethinking some of your own behaviour.

Seriously worth making the effort to go and see this one. The show is on at the Little Theatre on the Bay and runs until 28 July from Tuesday to Saturday. Tickets cost R160 per person, but if you get a group of 12 or more (like we did) you get a 40 bucks discount per person. Make it happen! It hasn’t been running for this long because it’s a rubbish show – it’s got such a long history because it’s simply brilliant! Bravo sir, bravo.

PS: The pic is of my rad friends … so much of ♥ … and KleeB you are the best in this one … Amels … double parking dudel …


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