Sunday Roast At The Parentals

It was a tough ask leaving my toasty warm flat, braving the cold for lunch at the parentals (aka the Wam and the Wad), but my cousin was in town from JHB and when the Wam told me she’d be making roast beef I was sold. The drive there was slightly scary, Cape Town winter is definitely playing ball this week, the roads were wet and slippery and the drains are so blocked in places I felt like I was driving over rivers. Well done car for getting me there and back in one piece.

When I walked into the parentals home I was immediately hit with a delish scent of lunch to come. I hadn’t realised how starving I was and after the cuz and I stole a few pieces of the perfectly cooked beef while it was being sliced up I was ready for more! When we sat down the Wam was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough for seconds and this was very nearly true. Roast potato, grilled veg, steamed brocolli and butternut, roast beef and gravy! Now that is what I call a Sunday lunch! I’ll be missing the parentals when they’re in Detroit for 3 months. I’ll have to make a roast for one! Thanks parentals, it was well worth braving the cold!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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